CentOS 7 Mail Server Configuration

By | September 6, 2015

In this post we will see a CentOS 7 mail server configuration using postfix, dovecot, opendkim, spamassassin, amavisd and clamav. Our test domain is ‘example.com’ and the FQDN of our mail server is ‘mail.example.com’. Selinux is disabled. 1) Generate self signed ssl certificates cd /etc/ssl openssl genrsa -out mail.example.com.key 2048 openssl req -new -key mail.example.com.key… Read More »

How to add swap file in FreeBSD 10.1

By | July 2, 2015

In this post, we will see how to add swap file in FreeBSD 10.1. A swap area comes in handy if you are running a system with low memory. However, It is strongly recommended that you add up more physical memory (RAM) if possible. Because swapping degrades the system performance in the long run and… Read More »

DigitalOcean Review

By | June 25, 2015

After Using Digital Ocean VPS for two years (personal as well as for my clients), here I am writing a DigitalOcean Review. Am I satisfied..??? yes 100%. Excellent uptime record and stability. I will also provide my referral link so that you may sign up with digital ocean and have $10 as referral credit, to… Read More »

How to install Apache 2.4 from source in CentOS 7

By | June 10, 2015

In this post we will see How to install Apache 2.4 from source in CentOS 7. This will work on CentOS 6 as well. Now a question naturally comes to mind… why to install it from source when prebuilt RPM packages are readily available in the repository..??? There may be many reasons: 1) Apache started serving… Read More »

Nginx HTTP to HTTPS redirection and performance optimization

By | May 23, 2015

HTTP, the Hypertext Transfer Protocol, is the foundation of communication on the Internet. But it is not secure, the communication happens in an unencrypted format. However, HTTPS uses SSL or TLS cryptographic protocol to encrypt the data flow. In this post we will see Nginx HTTP to HTTPS redirection, with Comodo Positive SSL certificate, and performance optimization… Read More »

How to Install Nginx from source in Debian Jessie

By | May 23, 2015

In this post we will see how to Install Nginx from source in Debian jessie. Nginx (pronounced engine-x) is a free, open-source, high-performance HTTP server and reverse proxy, as well as an IMAP/POP3 proxy server. Igor Sysoev started development of Nginx in 2002, with the first public release in 2004. Nginx is known for its high… Read More »

2012 Rudra, A WordPress Twenty Twelve Child Theme

By | May 19, 2015

2012 Rudra, A WordPress Twenty Twelve Child Theme is based on the original 2012 theme. I have customized it  purely out of Hobby just for my own needs. This child theme is ideal for technical documentation blogs like this one.  Just like the parent theme, this Child theme is also a fully responsive theme that… Read More »

Debian Jessie: Perl warning Setting locale failed

By | May 13, 2015

While upgrading and installing packages on a fresh Debian Jessie droplet on DigitalOcean today, the warning message  perl: warning: Setting locale failed was displayed. This happens because locales are/may not be completely set. By executing the ‘locale’ command, this can be ascertained. The first three lines clearly describe it. root@www:~# locale locale: Cannot set LC_CTYPE to… Read More »